Quick Sud Beer Review – Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship, Brooklyn Lager goes down quite smooth and is a great example of an American Amber Lager. I grabbed this out of a Brooklyn Brewery variety pack that I was fortunate to inherit from a friend during a recent house party.

The branding is pretty standard. A big B in a cursive font greets you on the bottle. The logo reminds me of a local Brooklyn sports team, maybe baseball or hockey. It can’t be a coincidence that Brooklyn Brewery also has a ‘Pennant Ale’ in their offering list.

Now, fun fact for you – did you know that the designer of the logo was actually the same person who designed the iconic “I Love NY” logo?

Once uncapped, the aroma of Brooklyn Lager hits you and lets you know that this is not just another tasteless American Lager from some big macrobrewery. Hints of caramel, vanilla and American hops of floral and pine notes hit your senses. The beer pours a nice light amber color and has a decent off-white head.

The first sip is very smooth and appealing. The malt is more caramel than bready. Hops are bitter and crisp. The finish is somewhat dry, and leaves you wanting to take your second sip…then your third, and so on…

All in all, this is a great ‘transitional beer’ for those folks in your life that haven’t quite yet embraced the craft beer movement. This is a perfect American Amber lager with just enough sophistication and subtlety to help shift your macrobrewery-loving friends towards better tasting, more complex craft beer.

Similar offerings would be Bluepoint’s Toasted Lager and perhaps Yuengling’s Traditional Lager. Brooklyn’s Lager stands out from the pack with its smooth, buttery mouthfeel and hoppy, dry finish.
Go Brooklyn!

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