Quick Sud Beer Review – Harpoon’s UFO Pumpkin Ale

The Great Pumpkin Debate continues with this Unfiltered Offering from Harpoon Brewery.

From the packaging, it’s clear that Harpoon wants you to focus on the fact that this is exactly that, an unfiltered pumpkin ale – even willing to sacrifice it’s own brand recognition in favor of this fact. A happy pumpkin-looking planet greets you as you are looking in your craft beer aisle, with huge letters spelling out UFO. If this six pack is grouped amongst other seasonal pumpkin beers, it may have a hard time standing out with it’s very orange carton; however if it is grouped with Harpoon’s other products, this will stand out like the planet Mercury on an early summer morning on the east coast.

If you flip the carton to it’s back before enjoying your first ale, you will find that Harpoon actually includes some instructions on how to best enjoy your pumpkin ale – and boy, did we!

Using Harpoon’s suggestions on how to properly pour the ale, a nice creamy head forms, and remains for the entire consumption. The color of the beer is surprisingly bright – more yellow than orange up close, however from afar, it is an amber-looking brew.

The beer feels quite smooth and thick in your mouth, which is a nice complement to the pumpkin taste. This is a beer that you can almost chew – and you’ll want to!

This sud is certainly in the “Pumpkin Pie” category of pumpkin beers. Not overly spicy, like some others on the market, this beer has a great, delicate blend of pure pumpkin and spice (and everything nice). This is a beer that you wouldn’t mind throwing back 3 or more in one sitting – despite the 5.9 ABV.

If you aren’t into the spicier autumn-offerings, this UFO Pumpkin Ale might be just for you!

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