Quick Sud Beer Review – Magic Hat Jinx Scotch Ale

Smoky, malty and bold – this scotch ale is perfect for the fall, and perhaps as the weather gets even colder. A unique bottle for an even more unique ale, Magic Hat’s Jinx offers a medium-body brew with hints of chocolate and caramel.

Mike, the workin’ man, took time out of his busy schedule to review Magic Hat’s seasonal scotch ale offering, Jinx from its Night of The Living Dead collection. The case packaging is quite unique and will certainly draw in horror movie fans and general devotees of the occult alike to sample some of the suds hidden inside the box.

Once opened, you find Jinx encased in a cloak of darkness – surrounded by Night of the Living Dead’s three other offerings.

The Jinx bottle has an eerie looking figure on the label – with almost an Adult Swim character aura. After popping the bottle, the scotch ale hits you with sweet aromatics of toffee and caramel. You taste some mild caramel, chocolate and toffee flavors in this medium to heavy-bodied ale. This is certainly not a beer to throw back every day, but it would certainly be enjoyable in the colder months of the year, perhaps sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories, or while watching your favorite fall football games.

Final thoughts, this is not an every day beer for the working man. It will only make you more tired as it tends to sit on your stomach. Bring to a Halloween or football party, but better leave some lighter beers at home for every day consumption.

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