Quick Sud Beer Review – Yuengling Summer Wheat

With Summer winding down, I decided to try a Summer Wheat beer from Yuengling. The crickets chirping in the background was a perfect backdrop to this Summer beer. Hosting easy drinkability and a sweet after taste of banana bread, this brew makes a great choice to bring with you to a Summer BBQ or party – thanks to its taste and its low price.

If you’re not familiar Yuengling, their claim to fame is that they are America’s oldest brewery – dating back to 1829! This Summer Wheat beer is a new offering from Yuengling – launched in 2014. Yuengling is known to be a cheaper alternative to some of the other beers you might see in your local grocery store. A 6 pack of their traditional lager will yield you somewhere around 8 bucks, compared to an average NYC price for competitors anywhere between $11.99 – $15.99. This low price is achieved by not only being right on the edge between a macro and a micro brewery, but also by using corn in their products.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed their Summer Wheat beer. I drank straight out of the bottle because as a Summer beer, I don’t think they picture people playing Frisbee on a lawn while pausing to take sips out of proper glassware. This is a beer best enjoyed from the bottle.

Once the cap is twisted off, a huge surge of banana aroma hits you. Once that settles down, hints of vanilla, wheat and even some citrus come through.

The first sip is very smooth – leaving an aftertaste and finish of banana bread resting on your palette. This is a quick, easy drink and the clean finish will keep you coming back for more. The low ABV (4.5%) will allow you to enjoy throughout the day without getting too impaired to finish that badminton game in the backyard.

All in all, if you’re looking for a decent Summer 6-pack to either enjoy out on your patio or at a friends house, this is a good ‘go-to’. Cheaper than other beers you’ll find in your grocery store’s fridge, this will be a favorite amongst the lighter drinkers on your squad – and heavier drinkers will have no problem pounding down 3 or 4 in one sitting

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