Quick Sud Beer Review: Brooklyn Dark Chocolate Stout

I had opportunity to sample another offering from Brooklyn Brewery – this time in the form of a Black Chocolate Stout.

What immediately caught my eye was the branding on this beer. The black, gold and white coloring – along with the font choices made me feel like I was part of a very exclusive club, hand-selected to sample this brew. Everything about the packaging and branding screamed luxury. The words “Limited Bottling” even grace the long neck.

Once uncapped, the beer’s nose was strikingly similar to a dark red wine – no doubt thanks to the heavy alcohol content paired with notes of chocolate and dark fruit. The beer poured dark black into a pint glass, with an attractive 1 finger cocoa-brown head. You can hear the beer fizz in your glass of choice, much like you’d expect from a similarly dark beverage, Coca Cola Classic.

After a few more sniffs I could sense the chocolate and roasted coffee notes. The first sip immediately hit with a pleasant dark chocolate taste. The finish, however, was earthy and dry – common with most stouts. The mouthfeel was smooth, yet sticky and the earthy after-taste lingered which could certainly be unpleasant for non-regular stout drinkers.

As the beer warmed up and settled, the taste became slightly more complex. Not only do you taste chocolate, but there are hints of mocha and dried fruit later to be found.

If you are not a fan of stout beers, but are looking to explore the style, I would say avoid this one and pick up a Left Hand Brewing Company’s Nitro Milk Stout instead. .

One final note: I asked my wife (a non-stout drinker) to try this beer off camera – her review was the following:

Up front soy sauce, with an ash-tray finish.

So, tread carefully my non-stout drinkers!

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