Quick Sud Beer Review – Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale

As we continue to delve deeper into the Seasonal pumpkin beer market, we get a chance to sample Magic Hat’s take on pumpkin ale, the Wilhelm Scream.

Let’s quickly talk about the name of this beer – this is an ode to a classic sound effect used in many films since the 1950s. If you were to Google the sound now and listen to it, it may not sound all that familiar, however, whether it was a movie or a video game, you’ve definitely heard this cry for help in your travels!

Originally recorded for a man being eaten alive by an alligator, the use of this sound has almost become an inside-joke between filmmakers who try and use it whenever fitting.

Magic Hat hopes that you will be Wilhelm-screaming for joy once you sip their seasonal pumpkin beer. Dubbed the ‘Call for Fall’, this pumpkin beer is another good one to try if you’re a fan of the style.

In the world of pumpkin beers, you generally have two categories – pumpkin pie beers, and pumpkin spice beers. The Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream seems to fall closer to the spice category, however this is not as overwhelming as some other overly-spicy beers on the market.

The beer pours perfectly clear and is a dark, dark copper color. The head is insignificant once the beer settles inside the glass and the aroma is of pumpkin bread, with the usual cinnamon and nutmeg scents coming through.

Once I take the first sip, it’s the mouthfeel that I notice immediately. This is a very thin beer, almost watery. The upfront taste is like Weyerbacher-lite. Pumpkin spice is apparent – most notably flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. After the initial spice, a bready maltiness follows – but neither the spice nor the finish are overbearing.

A nice sweet, cold mouthfeel remains – leaving you craving your next sip – or your next glass! As I mention in the video review, I would compare this to a watered-down Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Please don’t take this as a bad thing, however, as I find some of the spicier pumpkin beers can be a bit overbearing.

Final thoughts, this is an easy to drink pumpkin beer courtesy of Magic Hat. This beer falls right in between Weyerbacher and Harpoon’s UFO. This is a thin, light and smooth pumpkin beer with a pleasant, sweet aftertaste. The beer won’t make you cringe from over-spicing, and it also won’t fill you up as easily, as it is a very thin brew.

Go pick up a six pack of this brew and see if you can resist the call for fall. Perhaps you will be another victim of the Wilhelm Scream!

Happy Halloween from your friend at quicksud.com

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