Quick Sud Beer Review – Weyerbacher Autumnfest

As we make the transition from Fall into Winter, I took this opportunity to try a new Oktoberfest style beer before the season was completely over. In this case, an AutumnFest beer brewed by Weyerbacher. Previously, I had sampled their Imperial Pumpkin Ale – which was pretty tasty; albeit strong on the spicy side of pumpkin beers.

A quick note about Oktoberfest-styled beers. Before refrigeration, beers were typically brewed until March in Germany due to the warm temperatures making it virtually impossible to brew. These March beers were stored inside caves during the Spring and Summer months, and then brought out of their hibernation to help celebrate Oktoberfest!

What immediately grabbed me about this beer was the packaging. Complementary colors of blue and orange spread across the label. A crooked, scary scarecrow is front and center – with an ominous, black crow gracing his right shoulder. Two or three red leaves are falling behind the scarecrow, notifying the consumer that this is indeed a perfect fall beer.

Once uncapped, the aroma of this beer is sweet with caramel. Bready malt also takes its place in the bouquet. Nothing overly complex, but pleasant indeed. The beer pours a copper/amber color with a one finger, soapy head. The sud is crystal clear and the aroma comes through more now with bready malt, some caramel sweetness and a hint of spice.

This beer is definitely tasty once sipped. A nice thick, grainy mouthfeel is pleasant and makes me want to immediately take another few sips. The brew is chewy yet thin in texture. The aftertaste is mildly fruity – making it a bit sweeter than typical Oktoberfest beers on the market.

If you’re an Oktoberfest fan, definitely do not pass up this offering from Weyerbacher. The graininess and sweet finish will make this beer stand out from the rest of the O-fest pack. If you can find this elusive brew, bring it to a friends house for a marathon session of football and snacks. This beer gets the Quicksud approval!

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