Quicksud Beer Review – Elysian Brewing Company’s Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout

Coffee and beer – these are a few of my favorite things…

So when I heard that Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Company was taking Seattle Stumptown coffee and combining it with a traditional, creamy milk stout, I felt the need to rush out to and get my hands on it – unlike many of the gifts I procrastinated in purchasing this year. (oops)

So many craft beers today promise that they are the next big thing – especially stouts – and unfortunately they don’t always deliver. With a name like ‘Elysian’ – a word meaning heavenly, or God-sent, I was hoping that Split Shot got the formula right.

The branding of the sud was certainly interesting and eye-catching. The words Split Shot grace the cover, while latte art appears below in what seems to be the shape of a hop plant. The brown and white colors make you feel that what you are about to taste is indeed a coffee-infused stout. Let’s see if the branding holds up to the taste.

Once uncapped, the beer smells quite sweet – definite lactose sweetness, maybe some hints of toffee, however no immediate coffee notes are present. If you watch the video, you can see that I had some technical difficulties in pouring this. The glass quickly became flooded with cocoa-colored bubbles. Forget about the finger-measurement, this was a full forearm’s worth of head. While still unsure as to what exactly caused this phenomena, eventually all suds settle down.

The beer’s appearance is what you’d typically associate with sweet stouts. Dark, almost pure black, with an attractive cocoa brown head. Once settled, this was an inviting 1 finger head.

The first sip was quite enjoyable. I was immediately flooded with memories of my favorite local diner’s comforting cup of joe. Up front taste of creamy coffee was very tasty. Not much bitterness followed, which is usually the case with milk stouts as  lactose is not fermentable via beer yeast.

The mouthfeel was thin to medium, with a hint of bubbly carbonation, making me want to continue sipping this 5.6ABV stout.

Overall, this is a delicious milk stout for coffee lovers and stout lovers alike. If you haven’t embraced darker beers, this might be a great introduction to the sweeter, more unique style of stouts. This beer would make a great after-dinner sipper, especially around the holiday season. So if the heaven’s send you a sign in the form of a 6pack of Elysian Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout being at your grocery store, definitely pick it up and serve it with your favorite desserts this holiday season!

Official Quicksud rating:

A Great Milk Stout for Coffee Lovers


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