Quicksud Craft Beer Review – Full Sail Brewing – Session Premium Lager


If you ever find yourself in the supermarket looking for a session beer, none will scream out louder to you than Full Sail Brewing Company’s Session Premium Lager. The bottle, in fact, foregoes traditional branding of the actual brewery and instead puts the focus soley on the word ‘Session’, as it graces the bottle and packaging proudly in unique, bold typeface. The Full Sail Brewing Company logo is actually so tiny in relation to the Session branding, that for years, I thought this beer was “Premium Lager” made by “Session”. Cray, right?
Upon further examination, one can find the Full Sail logo, which is a simple emblem encasing the letters FS and the number 47. We’ve come to learn that 47 stands for the moment in 1999 when Full Sail became an employee-owned company, divvying up the company amongst its 47 staff.

The Beer

Full Sail's Session Premium Lager

Full Sail’s Session Premium Lager

Now let’s get into the beer itself. Inside this unique 11 oz pudgy bottle is a golden lager that clocks in at 5.1% ABV – putting it slightly over the generally accepted ABV for a session beer. With that said, this is definitely a highly-drinkable sud.

Once you uncap the bottle and play a quick game of rock paper scissors with your buddies, this beer pours a bubbly, golden, pale yellow color with a pure white head. I can’t get over how much this beer resembles a freshly poured ginger ale both in color and carbonation qualities.
The aroma emanating from the beer is light, bready and balanced. Nothing overly complex or overwhelming. The main event is certainly the mouthfeel. Not only does this beer resemble your favorite brand of ginger ale, but it also drinks like one. Smooth, carbonated, balanced and light. This is a fast, easy drink and hosts a taste of light malt sweetness with an almost lemon, citrus zing towards the finish.

Final thoughts, this is a great session lager. You can usually find six packs of these for a great price, so if you’re heading out for a day on the lake, be sure to set sail with a case of Full Sail Brewing’s Session Premium Lager. It’s a mouthful, hosting a great mouthfeel.

Official Quicksud Rating:

A highly drinkable session lager with a lemon zing

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