Is there anything better than grabbing a quick sud with friends, family or coworkers? For a while the answer was simply no. But then we realized – what if we knew exactly which beer we wanted for an exact moment in time? With the rise of the craft beer movement, so many unique beers have become available – not only in corner stores and markets, but also in your favorite bar. Each craft beer has a different story, taste and vibe.

Quicksud.com is the place to check right before grabbing a quick beer with your friends. We know you don’t have a lot of time to read through pages and pages of text to find out whether the beer you are thinking of ordering will go well with mussels. We aim to keep our video beer reviews 3 minutes or less – containing just enough information and humor to get you through your next beer order. Oh, and our text-reviews? They are short and sweet, like a sip of your favorite malty brew.

We do not claim to be pretentious beer sommeliers, using a bunch of buzz words in order to make ourselves feel better and to insult your intelligence. At quicksud.com, the questions we are answering are simple: Does the beer taste good? Is it similar to any other beers we’ve tried? Would we bring it to a friend’s Summer BBQ, or sit and sip near the fireplace after a long day of work.

So go grab your favorite sud, sit back, relax and watch some of our craft beer unboxings!